Our science is the science of staying healthy.

Signum Biosciences is dedicated to providing therapeutic agents, not only to treat disease, but also to temper the natural stresses of aging and maintain good health. Unlike the efforts of the pharmaceutical industry, which focuses solely on the discovery of drugs to treat disease, research at Signum strives to develop novel proprietary ingredients to also maintain health and well-being. Our unique scientifically proven platforms and screening protocols have enabled the generation of unique science-based products, made with the health and well-being of our customers in the forefront of our minds.

Novel & Therapeutic Innovation

novel & therapeutic innovation

Signum Biosciences is dedicated to producing conscious and natural products that target personalized health, while setting new standards for quality of life. Generated from over 30 years of Princeton Science, Signum’s novel platforms in Neurology and Dermatology are responsible for a core product line that was brought to market and sparked innovation in the industry of health and wellness. From dietary supplements to cosmetics, we feel that everything we consume should work together in a way to not only benefit one issue, but to also improve our overall well being. We want each careful step, from lab bench to store shelf, taken with the utmost attention to detail. Because of these beliefs, we value transparency to our customers throughout the entire process, making you the indispensable, insider to the industry you ought to be.








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