this is our team

Formulating the right group of people within the right culture, is comparative to any other formulation. When done correctly, the results can be remarkable. From our roots in academia to our entry points into the consumer world, we are certain that we have developed the right blend of the right minds and talent to change lives around the world.


Maxwell Stock, President & CEO

Has the primary responsibility of spearheading Signum's business development efforts in combination with developing strategic plans to advance the company's mission and objectives. An inventor on Signum patents and a co-founder of the company, his extensive laboratory experience and familiarity with our science have been critical in executing and maintaining Signum's strategic partnerships. He majored in molecular biology at the University of Colorado, conducted research efforts at Synergen, Inc., and founded several startups before founding Signum and joining professor Stock's Princeton laboratory to develop the technologies upon which Signum is built.


Eduardo Perez, PhD Chief Scientific Officer

Leads our R&D and business development efforts in combination with supporting nutraceutical development. Since joining Signum in 2006, Eddie has been a key contributor in securing funding for the company via executing out-licensing deals and government funding. Prior to joining Signum, he received his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UMDNJ studying the role of methylation in signaling systems. He received his BA in Biology from Rutgers University.


Michael Voronkov, PhD Vice President of Medicinal Chemistry

Leads our small molecule and preclinical development effort at Signum Biosciences. Before coming to Signum, he led R&D at MosChemPharm (Russia) and prior to that he worked in Drug Discovery at Lexicon Pharmaceuticals. He received his PhD in Organic Chemistry from Emory University and his BA in Chemical Engineering from St. Petersburg Institute of Chemical Technology (Russia).


Jose Fernandez, PhD Director of Research & Development

Jose is focused on developing new and innovative dermatological products with a commitment to quality, efficacy and safety. He provides in vitro and in vivo assay systems and robust analytical expertise including safety, efficacy and claim substantiation for cosmetics, botanicals, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. Leads the team in specializing and producing customized cosmetic claim support and/or efficacy tests providing robust scientific data to support advertising or packaging claims.


Masanori Tamura,  Director of Product Development

Masoanori Tamura, Markie, is an expert formulator who will be responsible for developing new formulations that synergize with Signum’s novel library of therapeutic agents. He will lead the team in developing new product ideas, new formulations, as well as enhancing the performance of existing formulations. Markie’s keen eye for identifying and solving problems as they relate to product manufacturing and product development will be invaluable in producing our next generation of  products. His 10 years of experience in skin care will allow Signum to continue to be leaders in the dermatological field.