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The development of therapeutic drugs to treat disease is founded on the targeting of a “bad actor”, such as a bacterial infection or a malignant tumor. This involves the synthesis of a novel chemical entity, and its subject approval by the FDA as an Investigatory new drug (IND) for the treatment of a specified disease. After the approval of IND, an extensive period of clinical testing can lead to FDA approval, in which case the drug can be brought to market. The entire process from IND to drug approval generally takes over 10 years with costs over a billion dollars. Since drugs are developed to destroy a disease-causing process, they invariably have powerful toxic side effects.

Signum’s approach is different. We strive to develop agents that maintain a systemic balance to enhance one’s general well-being. The formulations we have developed, act broadly on cellular regulatory processes, that work to maintain a healthy balance.

In the area of skincare and stemming from Professor Stock’s laboratory at Princeton University, we have exploited a discovery of a chemistry that acts topically to modulate inflammatory responses to environmental toxins and the stresses of aging. These agents are anti-oxidants that interact with cellular membranes, where they act on stress-response receptors to enhance the positive feedback signaling mechanisms. Which then leads to the destructive immune responses, erythema and edema that are associated with aging skin.

Our brain health initiative also derives from research in Professor Stock’s laboratory. We have discovered a regulatory process that is critical to brain health.  In a search for agents that could serve to rectify this dis-regulation, Dr. Stock and his colleagues identified a compound in coffee that fulfills this function. This agent, designated EHT, acts together with the help of several essential vitamins and minerals to help maintain brain health. Preclinical studies with rodent models for neurodegeneration have provided encouraging results. Signum’s EHT formulation has proven to be a popular supplement with many reported health benefits and no significant negative side effects. The approach that was used to develop EHT is currently being a applied to other natural products with established health benefits.


we go beyond requirements to set standards

Developing drugs is a long and rigorous process involving millions of dollars and extensive trials that can last years. This process is there to ensure that the drug being developed is founded under credible science, and the science was conducted by these highly set standards. Comparatively, consumer products do not require the same amount of thorough testing and approval. At Signum we started in the drug space only to realize that if the same efficacy was brought to consumer products, the quality of these products would increase dramatically. Therefore, we have set out to apply the same intimate process of development we use with drugs to discover novel consumer products.



Our science is the brains
behind your grey matter.

Who among us wouldn’t like to have a healthier brain? EHT® is a naturally-occurring, proprietary molecule that boosts neuroplasticity and helps with cognitive function.†

Derived from coffee, EHT is already a part of many people’s daily diet, but now on a more concentrated level. The second most traded commodity in the world holds the key to better brain health.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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fighting inflammation to fight aging.

The SIG-1273® molecule has the ability to decrease the body’s chronic inflammation fighters, which attack the site of inflammation, but can also do extensive damage to the surrounding healthy cells as well. It helps keep the body from reaching the inflammation-fighting point of diminishing returns. SIG-1273® also reduces the breakdown of collagen, which is essential for our skin to continue looking supple and healthy.

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hydrated skin for a younger look.

As we age, our skin tends to get thinner, drier and weaker, losing the supple firmness associated with younger skin. SIG-1191™ utilizes Aquaporin 3 (AQP3) to increase hydration in the base layer of our skin. Hydration helps to repair dry skin, heal wounds, and hydrate while reducing the appearance of dark spots and puffiness under the eyes by breaking up the heme stagnation that causes them to appear originally. Even as we age, our skin can remain firm, hydrated and strong with the right care.

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guarding against UVB induced DNA damage and inflammation.

Arazine™ can help keep UVB rays from penetrating the skin and causing damage on a microscopic level. This kind of damage will trigger inflammatory responses that could attack the healthy skin cells around the source of inflammation.

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SIG-990 (DMT200/DMT210)

protecting you from harsh elements.

SIG-990 (aka DMT200/DMT210) reduces the inflammation signals that respond to external triggers such as UV rays, dryness, trauma, stress, and even extreme changes in temperature. The reduction of these inflammatory signals helps eliminate the redness and inflamed lesions associated with Rosacea, leaving you with brighter, healthier skin.

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novel discoveries make novel products.

We have given ourselves the mission to improve the quality of life for the people we come into contact with. In order to uphold our mission, we realize we have to be vigilant and continually develop new products. Acne treatment, skin lightening, pre/probiotics, cardiovascular health and combating micro-inflammation are just a few of the things that we are currently working on. Life changing results cannot be found lazily, but must be found through putting in the work and time conducting science in the lab. Real science will always produce real results.

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