Our science applies the rigor of drug development to the development of consumer products.

Because we see the human element in all the science, what we do isn’t just science for the sake of science. It has a very real, direct effect on people’s lives. We share these products with our families. For that reason, we take the development of  consumer products every bit as seriously as we do prescription products. We set the bar very high. In everything we do. From the moment we set out, to the moment of discovery, to the moment it leaves our hands for yours.


What We Do

Our science shines light into dark corners.

At Signum Biosciences, we’re curious. We’re restless. We’re never satisfied with “it can’t be done.” As scientists, we simply refuse to believe that there’s anything that can’t be done. So we set ourselves tough tasks. Alzheimer’s. Parkinson’s. Rosacea. Aging. Inflammation. And we set out, not for the easy answers, but for the difficult ones. The ones that give others pause. The root causes. The problems. Because we believe, in those difficult places, the greatest discoveries are made.


Who We Are

Our science sees disease as a systemic problem, not a symptomatic one.

At our core, this is what makes us different. While others devote time and energy and science to symptoms, we see an opportunity to restore balance to a system that’s been skewed. That simply isn’t working right anymore. From problem to symptom. We work further up the continuum to try and eliminate symptoms altogether. Whether that means inflammation, the pains of aging, or neurodegenerative disease. 


How We Started

It could be said, rightly, that Signum Biosciences CEO Maxwell Stock grew up in the lab, a child of research science. Following his father, Dr. Jeffry Stock, Chairman of Signum Biosciences and Professor and Independent Investigator at Princeton University to work, Max’s earliest memories are of the chemicals being studied, the tools being used, the conversations around the dinner table of cells, biochemistry, micro-organisms and bacteria. And the fascination of what it could all mean.  A fascination that never abated, through a major in molecular biology at the University of Colorado, to work in the science industry to 3 years of bench work generating data to the formation, with his father, of Signum Biosciences. The close relationship of this father / son team, their shared entrepreneurial spirit, and their belief that great science must go from the bench all the way to the shelf where it can help people in their real lives with real solutions to real problems, has made Signum Biosciences what it is today; a biotechnology company with a reputation for great science, operating in the lab and in the lives of real people. Pursuing, in everything we do, the science of staying healthy.